My Whitewater Adventure on Weekend

Oh! Whitewater rafting, my greatest adventure ever.

My travels not only gave me new opportunities to discover new places but they also pushed me to walk out of my comfort zone and venture into the thrills to pump in more adrenaline rush, until one hot afternoon when Eben told me about white water rafting.

I have never done rafting, and neither had I camped by the side of a beautiful river. Rafting sounded scary while the idea of river camping made me uncomfortable. So I referred to this page online.

This is going to be one such an interesting adventure, I said but within, my heart pumped. I was moaning to Eben while he’s in the kitchen packing lunch. I was stuffing dry clothes into a backpack that we would put on after the festivities were over.

think that I can go on an adventure, right?” I was seriously trying to figure out in my head how to tell Eben that I am too afraid. He did all this work to set up the trip for us.

For a long time, my idea of traveling was mostly about doing things luxuriously and comfortably. But now I love to experiment too. In some ways, I felt blessed that I got such opportunities where I can undo myself and my prejudices. This one is going to be such an interesting and honest story.

Oh my! But water activities freaks me out, and I was tensed about going out for rafting. I googled and read about it all night, The more I read about it, the more I learned that this adventure would take me through one of the best adventures.

Sincerely, I wouldn’t want to miss this a bit, but I was scared of the rapids. I feared that I might fall into the river. However, I held on to my wits and decided to take things as they came. When we reached the starting point, we put on our gear, met the crew, and went through the rules about how to stay safe while rafting, I felt better. As I made my way towards the raft, I was excited but equally nervous.

I was still shaking as I walked over to the bigger crowd. I just looked down. I didn’t feel confident to make friends. I just wanted to know how safe this activity is, how long and how do I feel when it’s over. “Okay, folks, this is an adventure which will take you on a  3hours tour, so everyone should relax, remain calm, go to the restroom and …… The leader announced as if he just read my mind”.

We all just put on our wet suits and now we had to take them off and go to the bathroom. We waited in line for the porta potty which is the only real changing room other than our cars. I was so not outdoorsy.

I came out of the porty and walked over to Eben, and there was a much larger crowd now. I took a big breath. ”Okay, I’m going to have fun. I can have fun”, I thought.

When the guide came he assured me that this was going to be a unique experience which I would love, I gave it a shot without giving it a second thought because Eben gave his 100% assurance.

The adventure began, and it was at first scary but later became awesome,then  we were all existed with the adventure that we paddled so fast that, our guide cautioned us but before we could come back to our senses, we hit a major hole, and two women were thrown from the raft, the guard was super amazing that he managed to snag her as she went by, but I got sucked down, and I sprawled around like I was in a washing machine.

I could hear Eben shout, hey baby! You gonna be fine I promise,he said.

When I finally surfaced, the guide threw me a line and pulled me along; I was so scared that I was about saying my last prayers because I had been fighting the rapid, and luckily the guide pulled me by my life vest into the raft, I lied at the bottom of the raft trying to catch my breath when we bumped on a rock which made Eben lost his balance, he fell on me and his legs were on my arms.

I was tired, and I couldn’t shout, it was horrible that he didn’t realize that he was lying on me, I wasn’t so terrified until I raised my hands. Overall it was an amazing day I will not forget.

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