The Rapids Caught us by Surprise

Are you ready for whitewater rafting?

Yeah, I heard it was a memorable adventure, and it can serve as a very good chance for couples to get away and bond,” I said as I smiled and winked at him.

My boyfriend had just agreed to take me to Canbury whitewater for my 27th birthday. Even though it wasn’t my first thought when he came in this evening and asked me for what I would like to do on my birthday which was coming up on Saturday. I would have ideally loved to go to the Caribbean as that as always been a childhood dream for me, but unfortunately life isn’t a wish granting factory, and I can’t afford it. Henry couldn’t afford either, not while he is sorting out his younger brother – Ethan’s medical bill. With all the chaos happening right now in our life, from his brother’s accident to my parent’s rejection. We had envisioned my birthday as a memorable one, and I guess it will be but not in the way we thought – Henry still thought of taking me out, and the break will be good for him.

Bond…” He said while giving a slow sarcastic nod like he was trying to wrap his head around it.

We were well on our way to Canbury at 10:30 am, and we would be arriving there in less than 1 hour. The drive had been more peaceful than quiet as the Taylor Swift – Love story came up next on the playlist. I reminisced back to the events that had happened earlier, and I could feel the warmth in my heart.

My morning had been breathtaking when I woke up and stretched out my hand to grab the face of my lover, but I could only feel a boxish structure, with a slippery feel. I opened my eyes, and to my amazement, the room was filled with balloons of several colors, and beside me on the bed were wrapped gifts in different shapes and size. I looked around, but Henry wasn’t in the room.

Henry!” I scream as I jumped at the red box right in front of me to bring out the most gorgeous and stun looking gown neatly packed in the box.

Wow!” Henry exclaimed as he walked into the room and saw me trying to zip up the back side of the gown.

I had tried calling out Henry a few times, but I guess he went out for coffee, according to what was in his hands when he came in.

Hold on, let me help you with it,” Henry said as he dropped the two cups of Volcanica Chocolate Raspberry Coffees he had in his hand. He gently stepped through the balloons, grabbed my waist and gave me a light kiss on my neck. He slightly pulled down the gown slightly enough to pull up the zip with ease. He then turned back to the bed, grabbed a tiny pink box, opened it and brought out a silver chain with love like crest as its pendant.

You look gorgeous love, happy birthday.”

Thanks love” I responded with a giggle of excitement as I fell right into the arm of the man who could make me forget that the world existed.

So here are our final rafters,” Carl said as he directed us to cross the plank right onto the purple balloon raft. Henry and I had gotten their quite earlier, but a quick make-out in the room we would be staying took a while.

While everyone gets accustomed with the atmosphere, I’m Carl and here with me is Jenny, and we would be your guides on today’s adventure.”

Around me, apart from Carl were two Caucasian ladies, a black guy and an Asian lady who also looked like a couple. Carl looked more like an athlete, and I guess he was the Guide Beth described, the ones responsible for saving those who fall into the water while rafting. Beth is my best friend, and I had asked for her thoughts on my decision to go whitewater rafting with Carl. She had told me about a few of her experiences, and every one of them sounded exciting. Jenny was a skinny looking blonde, but for some reason, she looked like she could handle herself.

Few minutes after we left the dock, we passed through calm waters with a beautiful valley on our left-hand side. Everyone had begun taking pictures, as well as Henry who wanted me to enjoy the moment while he made sure it was never forgotten. I pointed and dragged him everywhere I faced, and it was all going peacefully till we came across the first rapid which caught Henry by surprise and threw him into the river. My heart skipped.

Henry!” I screamed as Jenny pulled me back from falling over, and Carl jumped right into the busy river to drag Henry back onto the raft.

Henry was fine, and he looked glad when he saw he hadn’t let go of the Camera in his hands. Jenny gently let go of me, smiled and looked at Carl who said

I hope we are having fun?”

Everyone else who also looked like they were short of breath for a moment responded with excitement. The black guy fell out in of the raft a few moments later. Carl did his job again and pulled out the black guy, Jackson out of the water.

We soon made it back to shore with everyone present, and I couldn’t wait to fill my stomach which suddenly felt empty after the unforgettable experience.

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