We Went Rafting on North Fork River Arkansas

We were in Gardiner, Montana, where we were in a rafting competition against some other guys. Since the rafts could only seat two people, Jake and I had to compete against ten people. The competition was very tough since the other teams were excellent as well.

I used all my strength to paddle like Jake said and gradually, we moved past the closest team to us. Soon, we were very close and side by side to each other. They moved past us and were almost in the finished line when suddenly their raft overturned, and they both fell in the river.

We figured that their raft must have collided with a rock or something. This gave us the opportunity to move past them and won the competition. Later, when we were all in a bar celebrating our win, the guys who had fallen in the water came to taunt us, making us know that they would have won if their raft hadn’t capsized.

We didn’t even bother to argue with them. They were very right. This made Jake, and I put things into perspective. We realized that we needed to practice more in order not to put ourselves into the same situation like this.

“So what are we going to do?” Jake asked. “We were very lucky the last time. The next time, we should be so far ahead of the other team to the extent that they have to do twice as much to meet up with us.”

“I have an idea,” I said.

“Well. Let’s hear it.”

“Let’s get a river to practice in,” I suggested.

“That’s a great idea. So where do we go?”

“You know what I am thinking? We should have our own YouTube channel and record ourselves. That way, we can do a lot of videos and make money from them.”

Jake agreed with my idea and set about getting cameras and everything needed to record our videos. I had training in video capture, so we had no problem in that department. The next thing we did was figure out the best place to carry out our practice.

After so many deliberations, we settled on the North Fork River which was in Arkansas. Usually, before we traveled to any state in the United States, we preferred to have family members or friends.

However, I had no friend or any family I knew of in Arkansas, and neither did Jake. That meant we would have to stay in a hotel close to the river. We checked out the movement of the river on a map and then marked out the spots where we wanted to start and stop.

Then we set about getting the necessary gear that we would need on the trip. We got a nice, new raft that could contain both of us comfortably. We also got two nice paddles for both of us and one extra paddle, helmets, life jackets and dry suits. We also brought food along.

When we were sure that we were ready, we flew to Arkansas and rented a room in a hotel. Since we would do the rafting the next day, we spent the rest of the day checking out the maps and watching movies.

The next morning, we woke up very early and got a vehicle to transport us and our gear to the starting point. We got to a low hill on which was a path that would take us to the starting point. The vehicle could not carry on, so we had to trek the rest of the way, carrying the raft with us with our gear inside it. It was a bit heavy but all our exercises paid off.

When we got to the spot where we were to begin, we lowered the raft beside the river and put on our dry suits, life jackets, helmets, and backpacks. Jake got on the raft with paddle ready. We fixed a camera in front of the raft and the other at the rear.

I pushed the raft in the river, and as it moved, I jumped in. Together, Jake and I began to paddle and move the raft down the river. We got ourselves strapped in to prevent us from falling out of the raft. As we paddled, we screamed in excitement.

One time, our raft faced a large rock, and we were about to crash into it. Jake screamed and told me to paddle hard and quickly to prevent a crash. We paddled hard, and we were able to miss the rock. There was no time to check if the cameras were still working as we concentrated on paddling and navigating the treacherous river.

Soon, it became very easy to move away from all the small rocks that could cause problems to our raft. Jake and I began to work in tandem as we did, we looked and smiled at each other. It was becoming certain that we would be able to face any team and defeat them easily.

The waves on the fast-moving river became high in some places as they lifted our raft about four feet in the water but thanks to our being strapped to the raft, we didn’t fall or anything. As our raft landed on the river, we were able to keep paddling easily.

Our various training and practices helped us not to get tired easily, and we worked about an hour before we got to the spot where we were to stop. It was a delightful experience. When we got out of the raft, I checked out the video cameras and realized that they had worked perfectly.

When we got to our hotel room, we watched the video together. It was very clear and wonderful. I could not wait to upload it on YouTube where we had about ten million views in just three days.

Apart from the monetization, the video also helped us see where we made mistakes and how to avoid the situation like when we almost crashed into the rock. We made plans to raft the Grand Canyon next.

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